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API documentation for the webtester java classes

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Provides tutorials and examples for configuring webtester, and using the proxy.

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     Webtester is a java application intended to automate the process of testing and validating web based applications. By reading the necessary information from an XML configuration file, webtester is able to send data to specific URLs, and examine the responses. Regular expressions are used to validate the responses, and variables can be assigned based on the regular expressions in order to better test applications which generate data dynamically.

     Additionally, webtester contains a proxy application that can be used to record test cases with a web browser. This feature is extremely important, as it greatly simplifies the process of creating website test cases.

The webtester functionality, if used to its fullest extent, is intended to be helpful in several situations.

  • Load testing of web applications, where it is necessary to simulate several users
  • Regression testing of web applications before making them available to users
  • Verifying that web applications available to users are functioning correctly
  • Verifying that static content on existing webservers is correct

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